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The first revision is a clarification regarding the Karate Gi-jacket in Article 2.2:

“For all official WKF events (World Championships and Karate 1 – Premier League, Series A and Youth League), the Karategi must have embroidered brands on the shoulders in respectively red or blue according to drawing. Exceptions are incumbent Senior World Champions and Premier League Grand Winners, whom must instead of the red or blue have embroidered brands in gold.

For team categories, the National Federations or Clubs will have the power to decide the uniformity of the brands on the karategis of the members of the team that represents them, in accordance with their regulations but with the same unified colour. All team members must wear red or blue embroidery according to their competition category.

Although the team members must have shoulder branding of the same colour, there is no WKF requirement for the team members wearing the same brand of karategi”